Maverick Smoker Thermometer Review

If you love grilling or smoking BBQ steak using gadgets that make your life easier, then there is no better way to fulfill that dream than purchasing this Dual Probe BBQ Maverick Smoker Thermometer.

It’s a dream match-up in the sense that it feels like a real gadget, yet it makes your work easier when you’re preparing BBQ in the house or out in the camping grounds. This Maverick model is the latest production of that particular brand, and it has already garnered lots of 4.5 and above stars on Amazon and elsewhere.

Although the market currently has lots of smoker thermometer brands which vary greatly in features and prices, these smoker thermometers basically work the same way. However, the reason why BBQ lovers are showing strong preference towards this Maverick model is that it has a lot of excellent improvements added to it.

Maverick Smoker Thermometer

Features of Maverick Smoker Thermometer

  • The large screen and secure probe features. This Dual Probe BBQ Smoker thermometer comes with a larger screen for easy viewing. It is the most favorite feature among users, especially those who can’t see very well due to aging eyes. What is more, the probes are made to last longer than in the previous generation models. They also feature a stouter cord which is securely attached to the end of the probe for durability.
  • The gadget also comes with two probes to ensure that you will end up with good results every time you smoke beef. It also saves you from countless trips which you would make to see how the smoker is performing. The receiver unit lets you read the temperature conveniently. The probe wires measure 3 foot in length, and are rated at 716°F
  • Since it is sold as a set, you should expect to find a receiver, transmitter, 2 grill chips, and 2 hybrid probes respectively.
  • Maverick Smoker Thermometer is powered by AAA batteries. The gadget comes with these batteries intact. You can also use rechargeable AAA batteries without any problem. Battery life is generally decent in the older models. But with this new model, you should expect even more decent battery life during your BBQ seasons.
  • Beeping sound when temp level is hit. Different models have their own way of alerting you when a temp setting is hit. Some models have a robotic voice that talks when alerting you on the same. But this can get monotonous over time. That’s why Maverick included a beeping sound instead.
  • A wide range of presets for various types of meat These features have been included so that you can use them if need be. Some people already know their target temps. But it’s a good feeling to know that they can be used when there is need to. In addition to this, there are presets for a wide range of game meats. Temperature settings can be adjusted by pressing H1 or LO, and can even be switched from °F to °C and vice versa. Also, since you can play with the presets the way you want, you have the freedom to customize according to your personal taste.
  • This BBQ Smoker thermometer lets you monitor 2 things at the same time. You can monitor food and BBQ at the same time or 2 foods and 2 BBQs. The larger display is a major facilitator in this case.
  • 300-ft wireless range. This is a wireless device that comes with a generous amount of allowance in terms of coverage. 300 foot of coverage is all you need to smoke your Moose, Buffalo or any other type of meat without facing the hurdles that come with limited range of coverage. However, if by chance you happen to go beyond the coverage limit, you will be alerted in 60 seconds.

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  • It is easy to use, plus it works very well.
  • You don’t have to fiddle with all the features in order to cook your meat the way you want it
  • It comes with instructions which can be read and understood quickly.
  • You don’t have to worry about the temperature or keep opening the lid which would result in loss of temperature
  • You can use the preset temperature feature to get the perfect temperature for your meals
  • Works well with 6 meats and 9 game meats


  • It is not fully immune to the limitations of a wireless device. It should be noted that this is a wireless device. The connection between the transmitter and the receiver is subject to the limitations faced by wireless devices. You can roam anywhere you want, including going to your neighbors’ house as long as it’s within the 300 foot range. Even if you’re indoors, one or two walls away is still okay. But if you move to the basement, you can’t maintain that connection due to the concrete walls.

Verdict of Maverick Smoker Thermometer

You should buy Maverick Smoker Thermometer if you are an avid BBQ lover. It saves you the countless trips which would have been made when checking the smoker temperature.

It also saves the smoker from losing temperature as a result of opening the lid every time you want to check your meat. Basically, this product was designed to bring convenience to all game meat lovers out there.

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